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Join Us For a Special Meeting!

Monday, August 13th - Wednesday, August 15th
Start time for worship each evening is 7 p.m.


Joe Ruiz will be challenging us with the following:

Monday night, August 13 -- Seeing through God's Eyes
Tuesday night, August 14 -- Cherishing our Most Priceless Possession
Wednesday night, August 15 -- Being Passionate and Not Past Feeling


State College Blvd. Church of Christ
311 N. State College Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806


Joe Ruiz has been preaching the gospel of Christ for many years, traveling extensively. He is conversant in Spanish, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

He will be preaching for our Spanish language group August 10-12
His wife, Bonnie, will speak to ladies on August 11 at 9:30 to 11 and again will teach our Ladies Bible Class on August 15 at 10 am.