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Birthing Kit Assembly

In India, the norm is for a woman who is working the tea fields to give birth in the dirt. So as a ministry, every so often we will gather to put together birthing kits to send to our contact, Garry Jones, in India to help midwives give assistance to mothers having their babies. The kit provides a plastic sheet on which to deliver the baby and some alcohol wipes and proper equipment for cutting an umbilical cord and personal care items. It makes all the difference for the baby to be delivered in a “cleaner” environment and the mother to have less opportunity for infections. If you’d like to contribute funds or supplies for the kits, please send us a message using the contact page on this site and someone will get back to you right away. You can also leave a message at our church number at 714-533-2065.

Garry Jones is a missionary we help support whose work is under the oversight of the elders of the Church of Christ in Clinton, Tennessee. Garry runs two children’s homes in far northeast India: The Mustard Seed Village, which is for boys and The Rainbow Village, which is for girls. 

Missionary Garry Jones    "The Church of Christ in India"